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Wedding Dresses



Your wedding day should be filled with happy moments, well-wishes, and memories that last a lifetime. The last thing you need on your special day is a dress that is uncomfortable or makes you feel self-conscious. You don’t want to spend your time tugging and pulling at your dress to make sure that it stays on and looks great when you should be spending your time chatting with your guests, dancing the night away, and enjoying the time with your new husband. Those awkward dress moments can be prevented by altering your dress to fit perfectly so that you can focus on what’s really important.


At Alterations by Sokchan, you will receive personal attention and alterations that will make your dream dress fit perfectly. We are able to complete the full array of alterations, including taking dresses in and out, hems, bustling, shortening of trains, zipper replacements, button replacements, and beadwork repairs. Other services can be provided upon request.


The time it takes to complete wedding dress alterations can vary greatly depending on the dress and the complexity of the alterations, so we recommend coming in for a fitting sooner rather than later. Call us today to get a price quote and to schedule a fitting.

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